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Shipping Policy

Please make sure your customs information is correct—we’ve received a lot of orders without it. Please also note that we only accept deliveries to working street addresses.
Orders are processed Monday through Friday. Orders will typically be delivered one day after they are processed, which takes five to seven business days. Please be aware that weekends are not when we ship.
Orders placed in any other country should arrive in 14 working days or less.
*Please note that our store cannot guarantee delivery dates; these are merely expected shipping timings.


Please make sure that all shipping details are accurate. We might need to get in touch with you to adjust the delivery details if there is inaccurate or missing information, which could delay the delivery of your order.

Clearance through customs may potentially cause delays.

In order to clear your package, your local customs office might need more paperwork, which could cause a delay in the anticipated delivery date.
Either a local courier or the post office may deliver your order to you. Most orders will be shipped by your neighborhood postal service, so depending on where you live, you might receive the package with your regular mail. When your package arrives, the postal service could leave a notice card with details on where and how to pick it up if you’re not home.
We are not liable if the last-mile carrier is contacted after the order has left our warehouse and requests that they forward or reroute your package.